On street EV charging, using street lighting columns, several charging options available.

EV Street Charge

Solar power offering a range of solutions for areas that have limited or no power supply.

Solar Lighting

In-house fabrication facilities to fabricate bespoke brackets to specific requirements.

BEI Fabrication

Operating its own fleet of bespoke vehicles BEI delivers on a weekly basis, locally and nationally.

BEI Transport

Solar Lighting Luminaires

BEI offer a range of solar lanterns with multiple options, with a range of power solutions designed for economic intallations and areas that have limited or no power supply access.


The BEI Solar Lantern capitalises on the most technically advanced LED lighting technologies that work seamlessly and
systematically with the latest LED driver and power management system. An important part of the BEI Solar Lantern All-In-One solar light
is its ability to preserve battery autonomy for maximum reliability even in overcast weather conditions.

BEI Solar Lantern

Minor roads, residential areas, car parks, industrial areas,
footpaths, cycleways, railways, airports, marine areas.

Easy installation. No expensive underground wiring costs
Two part unit, solar panel faces south, the light panel can point to where the light is required
Automatically regulates light output to save battery power
LiFePO4 lithium-ion battery with up to 5 years effective life
Lightweight design saves on freight and installation costs
Extremely safe and reliable operation


Built specifically to illuminate a wide range of applications, DARTMOOR Streetlight is the world’s most versatile and compact LED solar lighting system. Its clever design and slim-line construction incorporates the latest solar power and LED technology, providing many years of consistent performance and operational reliability.

Street Lighting

‘All-In-One’ solar module = Easy installation
Plug & Play wiring = Fast installation
Lithium battery technology offers up to 4 times more discharge capacity over Lead Acid types and 3 times more cycle life
Tamper and Theft proof design
Automated LED output options for greater battery autonomy
Customer replacement components

Choice of either ‘Symmetrical’ or ‘Asymmetrical’ lighting distribution.


The QUANTOCK 1000 vertical axis wind driven generator embodies long established, high efficiency generator principles, combined with turbine airflow expertise. Low inertia of the carefully balanced all aluminum rotor assembly enables the maximum advantages to be taken of average weather conditions.

BEI Quantock 1000


Safe and Silent in operation
Non blade design for user safety
No maintenance required
Corrosion resistant components
Electrical circuit fully protected against overload
Solid state rectifier


We are proud to present our heavy duty, vandal resistant series of solar bollards for use in many domestic, residential, commercial and local authority applications including footpaths, cycleways, jetty’s and perimeter fencing.

Pathways, Cycle Lanes, Marine Walkways,
Playgrounds, Hotels and Resorts

Superior vandal resistance
No power bills
Extra Low Voltage anyone can install
Low installed cost and minimal site impact
No trenching, cabling or wiring
Virtually maintenance free
Install anywhere there is some direct sunshine
Removable, relocatable and can be temporary
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